PTA Acquires Malvern Panalytical’s Mastersizer 3000

Particle Testing Authority (PTA), a Division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation Continues to Expand Its Capacity to Analyze a Wide Range of Particles

Company Acquires Malvern Panalytical’s Mastersizer 3000 Following the Recent Acquisition of a Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer

Norcross, GA – October 29, 2018 – Particle Testing Authority (PTA), a division of Micromeritics Instrument Corporation, today announced it has acquired Malvern Panalytical’s Mastersizer 3000 to continually serve its customers with the most current particle sizing instrumentation available.

Greg Thiele, General Manager of Particle Testing Authority, stated that PTA will be utilizing expertise in method development and validation to perform method transfers and validations for customers who have (or will be) upgrading from the Mastersizer 2000 to the 3000.

“While we’ve been using the Mastersizer 2000 since 2005 our investment in the 3000 demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible solutions to our customers and our leadership in the particle testing field. We are also equipped to utilize the Hydro MV, Hydro LV, and the Aero S accessories allowing analysis of a wide range of particle sizes in liquid or dry dispersions.”

“We have been measuring particle size for more than a half-century and will arm our scientists with only the best possible equipment available to maintain and expand our market leadership,” added Thiele.

For detailed information on PTA’s extensive range of particle sizing techniques, visit its dedicated webpage.

The Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer delivers rapid, accurate particle size distributions with the minimum of effort. Measuring over the nanometer to millimeter particle size ranges, it packs exceptional performance into the smallest of footprints, bringing operator-independent measurements that every user can rely on.

PTA, formerly known as Micromeritics Analytical Services (MAS), recently announced that had acquired a Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer® for assisting its contract testing customers with their powder flow and powder processing issues.